HD Scope Viewers are available on 1010 security. This allows you to connect your scope to a laptop/phone/tablet. Wi…

7 days ago
We have a large range of drill bits in all sizes (& colours). Multi purpose bits, hss bits, hardplate bits, diamond…

10 days ago
Check out our range of the excellent GJ Locks locksmith tools here: #locksmith

21 days ago
The La Gard Knob for deadbolt digital locks is now available on 1010 Security. This knob allows a deadbolt lock to…

56 days ago
More excellent locksmith tools and accessories from GJ Locks are now available on 1010 Security. Check out the rang…

62 days ago
Replacement springs for the Chubb Lips single and double bitted safe locks are now available on 1010 security.…

263 days ago
GJ Locks picks and decoders now available via 1010 security #gjlock #multlock #mul-t-lock…

264 days ago
1010 Security are now selling the great range of locksmith tools from GJ Locks and there will be more coming soon!…

285 days ago
The Jumpstart box for supplying an extra power boost to electronic safe locks is now available on 1010 Security. Th…

297 days ago
The E-Lock battery analyser is now available on 1010 Security. This tests the performance of a battery under electr…

297 days ago

Demo Category

Mauer Varos 70040 key guide 250mm

Code: 2107000020
Price: £6.58
40 In Stock
Mauer Varos works key 120mm
For use on Varos locks programmed to works mode or to program a lock into works mode.
Code: 2125001400
Price: £18.42
4 In Stock
Kaba Auditcon 252 self-powered multi-user digital lock with a round dial
Deadbolt version
Code: 252
Price: £267.72
6 In Stock