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ALFRA Universal Cordless Magnetic Drill Stand SP-V

ALFRA Universal Cordless Magnetic Drill Stand SP-V
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    Price: £650.00
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    ALFRA RotaBest™ SP-V permanent magnetic base drill stand is revolutionizing the industry with the patented Maglogix™ permanent magnet! SP-V can be used with a variety of corded and cordless drills (see red text below).


    • Minimal material thickness is 2 mm
    • Variable drill mounts allow use of a wide range of corded or cordless drills (see below)
    • Stroke: 105mm
    • Height adjustment: 80mm
    • Tool Force (10mm) / Magnetic adhesion force: 2,800 N / 8,000 N
    • Magnetic base: 72mm x 190mm
    • Weight: 6.8kg
    Package Includes:

    • ALFRA RotaBest™ SP-V Magnetic Base Drill Stand (1)
    • Safety belt (1)
    • User manual (1)
    • Carrying case (1)
    Over the years, certain standards were established for electric hand-operated drilling machines, e.g. a collar with a diameter of 43 mm (the so-called Euro standard). For this reason, the ALFRA SP-V drill stand is equipped with a clamp for this diameter. The drill being used must have a 43mm (or less) collar behind the chuck to allow the clamp to hold the drill (see the above photos).