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RB Curtain pick set

RB Curtain pick set
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    This Curtain Pick Set is precision manufactured using the finest quality materials and is designed to last many years provided it is treated with the appropriate respect. Excessive force should never be used as this can only cause damage to the pick and lock.

    This tool has been designed to defeat the majority of mortice locks of the lever type where a barrel and curtain are present, and is capable of defeating lever locks with or without anti-pick notches (false notches) and now more recently modified to get under the low & high lifts. The pick set was originally designed for use on the Union 5 Lever Security. However this kit is also able to pick Non BS, BS locks i.e. ERA range (Viscount, Fortress etc) , Yale range, Union Strongbolt, New Securefast, Legge, Chubb Detainer, York, Burgundys to name but a few.

    However all this will depend upon the level of skill that you have developed with this tool.

    You will need to practice with this tool to perfect the technique required. However, you may find that regardless of the amount of effort you put into a particular lock for some unknown reason it will just not open. In this case you will have to result to alternative methods of opening. NEVER force the tools in endeavouring to defeat the lock as irreparable damage may occur.