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20 Piece set of Samurai safe punches in a heavy duty roll up

20 Piece set of Samurai safe punches in a heavy duty roll up
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    Each 20 piece set of Samurai Safe Punches includes the following:

  • Pin punches - 4", 8", 12", 24" - Spring tempered alloy steel (ultra tough for extreme abuse)

  • Samurai chisel punches - 4", 4", 8", 8" - Heat treated tool steel (specially hardened)

  • Samurai center punches - 4", 4", 8", 8" - Heat treated tool steel (specially hardened)

  • General purpose carbon steel punches -1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"

  • Quick release punch handle with allen key

  • Compact punch handle holder

  • Heavy duty nylon punch roll-up

    Click here to view manufacturers demonstration video

    All punches are 1/4" in diameter and snap into the quick release punch holder without any tools or threading required. The pin punches are constructed from an extremely tough steel alloy and given a spring temper that allows then to take an enormous amount of abuse without breaking. Samurai pin punches will allow you to accomplish feats you'd never think possible through a 1/4" hole, like side punching a swingbolt lock and completely shearing off its mounting bolts.

    All Samurai chisel and center punches are constructed from a hard steel alloy infused with manganese, chromium and vanadium to stand up to the hardest barrier materials including carbide embedded hardplates. After machining, each punch is then carefully clayed and heat treated to produce the differential hardening that allows Samurai punches to be extremely hard at the leading edge but tough and resilient down the rest of their length to resist breakage. Have hardplate that won't cut and just seems to glaze over and get shiny? Slide a Samurai chisel punch into the quick release handle and give the hardplate a few hits, rotating the punch between each impact. Your drill bit will now bite into the hardplate and start progressing through the material. Have carbide-included hardplate that's eating up your drill bits? Chuck up a Samurai center punch and use it to displace the softer matrix material containing the carbide inclusions so your bit can cut without damage. Samurai chisel punches are also designed to chip and break up carbide chucks and work to pry embedded carbide out of its embedded matrix. For other jobs, a set of general purpose punches is included.

    Hardening Process

    Samurai Safe Punches utilize the ancient techniques developed by master Japanese sword makers to create the most effective and versatile set of safe punches available to today's professional safe & vault technician. In a process now referred to as differential hardening, master swordsmiths in 8th century Japan carefully crafted a revolutionary heat treating process involving clay compounds that yielded samurai blades with an extremely hard leading edge while retaining a tough and resilient side and back. A side effect of this process is the formation of a wavy pattern down the length of the blade referred to as the "hamon" (translated from Japanese as "blade pattern"). This visual effect is prized by modern sword collectors as it is evidence of a swords quality and the amount of work that went into it's creation. Today this differential hardening process is still considered extremely effective but is generally seen as too complex and cost prohibitive for everyday production. With Samurai Safe Punches, however, the same processes are carefully applied to replicate the durability of hand crafted samurai swords.