Replacement springs for the Chubb Lips single and double bitted safe locks are now available on 1010 security.…

167 days ago
GJ Locks picks and decoders now available via 1010 security #gjlock #multlock #mul-t-lock…

168 days ago
1010 Security are now selling the great range of locksmith tools from GJ Locks and there will be more coming soon!…

189 days ago
The Jumpstart box for supplying an extra power boost to electronic safe locks is now available on 1010 Security. Th…

201 days ago
The E-Lock battery analyser is now available on 1010 Security. This tests the performance of a battery under electr…

201 days ago
Good news! The Mini Brite borescope light is now back in stock.

203 days ago
The ALFRA Universal Cordless Magnetic Drill Stand is now available on 1010 Security. With its revolutionising Maglo…

205 days ago
Thread repair kits are now available on 1010 Security. Suitable for repairing damaged and worn threads. Can also be…

208 days ago
Key Elements 2 in 1 picks with a clicker are now available on 1010 Security. We have picks for 5 x popular locks…

216 days ago
We have lots of handy tools available here for big or small jobs:

225 days ago

Crocodile Forceps

Crocodile Forceps
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    80mm - H 3.3mm x W 2mm x L 80mm

    220mm - H 4.6mm x W 4.7mm x L 220mm

    These crocodile forceps are small enough to reach hard to reach places. Only the serrated end of the forcep opens out. Ideal for grabbing cables and wires etc.