Drill bits of all shapes, sizes and colours can be found here

2 days ago
Have you seen our wide range of tools and fixings? Tools, drill bits, picks, make up keys and repair products.…

7 days ago
Crocodile Forceps are now available in 2 sizes on 1010 Security

28 days ago
Mini Bright borescope LED lights are now available on 1010 security

34 days ago
Replacement #Sistec new and old style handles are now available on 1010 Security

82 days ago
Sargent and Greenleaf mechanical and digital combination locks are now available on 1010 Security. You can purchase…

97 days ago
Magnetic flexible scope holders are also available on 1010 security.

110 days ago
HD Scope Viewers are now available on 1010 security. These allow you to connect your scope to a laptop/phone/tablet…

110 days ago
1010 Security would like to wish all of our customers a Happy New Year 🎆

145 days ago
La Gard 66e Supra locks (1 x master, 1 x manager, 30 x user) are now available on 1010 Security.

161 days ago

Tools & Fixings